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Learn about the exciting activities LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing students are involved with and their achievements.

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Students See Nurses’ Role in Policy at AACN Summit

Six faculty members and students standing in front of the state flag of Louisiana.

Every day, nurses are impacted by political and legislative decisions that affect their practice, education and research. To advance their profession and deliver the best possible patient care, they must have a seat at the policymaking table, where they can advocate for the patients and practices they know best.

That’s why students from the LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing have attended the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Student Policy Summit in Washington, D.C., every year since its inception. This year, two students traveled to the nation’s capital – 2019 nursing graduate Jaymalisa Whatley and graduate student Jason Green.

During this three-day conference, open to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students enrolled at AACN member institutions, students are immersed in didactic program sessions focused on the federal policy process and nursing’s role in professional advocacy. In addition to attending lectures, students visit Capitol Hill, where they participate in policy discussions and engage with legislators and staff. This year’s summit was held March 24–26.

Recent Graduate’s Research on Rare Disorder Published in Nursing2019®

Children who abruptly develop neurologic abnormalities following a streptococcal infection are described as having PANDAS – pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections. It is poorly understood, so affected families are often left in distress and without definitive answers about their child’s condition.

Nurses are uniquely positioned to educate and support PANDAS patients and their families, says Chelsea Melerine, a 2019 BSN graduate from the School of Nursing’s honors program. Her manuscript, “PANDAS: What Nurses Need to Know,” was published in the August 2019 issue of Nursing2019. It is co-authored by Melerine’s MUSES faculty mentor Linda Ledet, DNS, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing.

MUSES stands for Mentoring Undergraduate Students for Excellence in Scholarship. Students in the MUSES program work closely with faculty mentors to develop and implement research or evidence-based practice projects.

Because PANDAS is a relatively new and under-researched phenomenon, most nurses are unaware of the disorder and the impact it has on children and their families. Melerine’s publication seeks to build awareness of PANDAS within the nursing community, so practitioners can help ease the burden on children and families, and encourage nurses’ involvement in research to address many unanswered questions about the disorder.

Students Shine at LASN Annual Convention

In October 2019, the School of Nursing’s Student Nurses Association members attended the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses Annual Convention and several brought home awards.

Attendees included Zoe Alexander, Ellen Alpaugh, Shelby Broussard, Katlyn Brown, Myalique Collette, Elizabeth Gaeto, Christina Hebert, Anna Hughes, Olivia LoCascio, Kristina Rigterink, Ne’Ja Sanders, Leila Saucier, Sarah Cooper Smith, Trinie Tran, Alexandra Walters, Kathryn Wright, and Emily Wynn. School of Nursing students earned several awards at the convention:

  • Alexandra Walters – “Student Nurse ofthe State” award and scholarship
  • Ellen Alpaugh – Stephanie Payne Memorial Scholarship
  • Shelby Broussard – Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Kathryn Wright – a LASN Scholarship
  • Student Nurses Association – “Best Newsletter Article” award (written by Kacey Hashm, a May 2019 graduate) and “Greatest Number of New Members” award for our growth of 82 new members

Six School of Nursing students posing in a photo frame during the LASN annual convention.

Gretchen Deeves was awarded “Faculty of the Year” for her continued support of the LSU SNA and student mentorship, and adjunct faculty member Marirose Bernard delivered a fabulous endnote address.

Students elected to serve on the LASN Executive Board of Directors for the 2019–2020 term include Wynn as vice president, Wright as secretary, Broussard as historian, Alpaugh as Breakthrough to Nursing director, Hebert as Region IV director and Sander as parliamentarian.

49 Attend Annual Congress of the AANA

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Annual Congress is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of CRNAs through education, research presentations, networking opportunities and more. This allows them to achieve maximum effectiveness in their roles as health care providers in diverse settings across the nation. 2019 student attendees from the School of Nursing included:

Nurse Anesthesia Program, Class of 2020
Meredith Anderson
Kelly Aronoff
Andre Bennett
Catherine Brown
Hannah Crews
Tina Do
Decelle Enriquez
Elizabeth Feighley
Casey Furr (Adkins)
Ryan Gill
Erin Gollehon
Alex Gruntz
Lori Guidry
Benjamin Lane
Kheyla Matthews
Carolyn McCord (Smith)
Lauren McManamon (Eustis)
Iris Miller
Jessica Pals
Sarah Pigg
Kathryn Pittman
Jennifer Steib
Christina Vo
Anna Waguespack
Michael Watzke

Nurse Anesthesia Program, Class of 2021
Ashton Averitt
Katelyn Beavers
Mackenzie Browning
Angeline Carrillo
Brendan Cogley
Mitchell Crosley
Brooke Dufrene
Amanda Garcia
Andre Hayes
Julie Holtzman
Jesse Jarrett
Jamie Kokemor
Elizabeth Landry
Nicole LeCoq
Julie Mathew
James Pace
Kaiheem Patterson
Foster Phillips
Shelby Seiler
Cynthia Shen
Soni Shrestha

Nurse Anesthesia Program, Class of 2022
Aida Sanchez

Summer 2019 Graduates

DNP Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner
Kelly Nuckley

Jared Batiste
Kelli Hogan
Patricia Johnson
Alicia McIntosh
Kristin Rattray

Group of graduates in caps and gowns waving their hands

Award Winners

Madison Seay

Lauren Owens

Chancellor’s Award
Jaymalisa Whatley

The Theresa Bittenbring Marque and John Henry Marque Award – Traditional BSN Graduates
Jordan Coleman, Amanda Keller (Fall 2018), Ellen Malagarie, Lauren Owens, Madison Seay

The Theresa Bittenbring Marque and John Henry Marque Award – CARE BSN Graduates
Claire Daigneault, Hayley Messonier, Courtney Williamson, Jillian Young, Melanie Young

Highest Academic Honors CARE Program
Claire Daigneault

Academic Recognition CARE Program
Hayley Messonier

Alumni Association Recognition of Class Spirit Award – Undergraduate
Jennifer Bungubung, Taylor Denninger

Alumni Association Recognition of Class Spirit Award – Graduate
Jason Green

Faculty Recognition Award, Undergraduate, sponsored by Elsevier
Whitney Price

Faculty Recognition Award, Graduate, sponsored by Elsevier
Gabrielle Serpas

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Award Undergraduate Student
Jaymalisa Whatley

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Award Graduate Student
Alexander Wong

Dolores Scheerle Entrepreneurial Award Undergraduate
Ashley Buchholz

Dolores Scheerle Entrepreneurial Award Graduate
Laura Blanda

Jo Ellen Smith Memorial Award
Jaymalisa Whatley

Patricia Losee Memorial Award
Kia Wilridge

Writing Excellence, sponsored by F.A. Davis, Publisher
Charles Fahrenholtz

Outstanding Nursing Caring Award Undergraduate
Jaymalisa Whatley

Outstanding Nursing Caring Award Graduate
Alexander Wong

Student Nurses Association Graduate Award
Victoria McElroy

Student Government Association Award
Matthew Braud

NODNA Leadership Award
Jaymalisa Whatley

Reverend Dr. James A. Ertl Clinical Excellence Award
Hilary Brown

Reverend Dr. James A. Ertl Executive Nurse Leader Award 
Mary Kelly

Outstanding Doctor of Nursing Practice Award
Alexander Wong

Outstanding Family Nurse Practitioner Award Clinical Expertise
Jason Green

Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthetist Outstanding Graduate Award
Jamie Herndon

Nurse Anesthesia Program Director’s Award
Rachel Adams

Nurse Anesthesia Program Clinical Excellence Award
Gary Armstrong, Wallace Huyhn

Nurse Anesthesia Outstanding Graduate Award
Chelsea Champagne, Brittany Santa Marina

Alice M. Hicks CRNA, Memorial Award
Shelby Holden

Stanley Hall MD, PhD Award Academic Excellence and Clinical Excellence 
Tanya Shnaider

Nurse Practitioner Leadership Award
Caitlyn Blanchard

Nurse Practitioner Academic Excellence Award
Caroline Bacon

Nurse Practitioner Service Award
Brittany Ragas

Summa Cum Laude
Madison Seay

Magna Cum Laude
Claire Daigneault, Hayley Messonnier

Cum Laude
Jordan Coleman, Lauren Crain, Ellen Malagarie, Courtney Williamson, Jillian Young, Melanie Young

Spring 2019 Dean’s List

Bailey Abadie
Amanda Allemand
Alexis Allen
Madisen Amato
Justine Armstrong
Alyssa Ashby
Kamya Auriti
Natalie Bailey
Ada Bankston
Rachel Barbaro
Jayda Batiste
Megan Beard
Julia Becnel
Taylor Becnel
Megan Bercegeay
Sarah Bernard
Madeline Bertrand
Daniel Bibens
Hope Black
Hayley Blaise
Allison Blanche
Brittany Borne
Caroline Boudreaux
Kimberly Bourdet
Ashley Bourgeois
Sarah Boustany
Hannah Bramson
Allison Braud
Marjorie Bred
Janae’ Brent
Lauren Bridevaux
Alexis Brodnax
Shelby Broussard
Bryce Brunson
Ashley Buchholz
Jamie Buckel
Paige Buisson
Lauren Bujard
Jennifer Bungubung
Morgan Buras
Michael Cain
Anya Canache
Linda Cantrell
Camille Carline
Elizabeth Carter
Alexander Castillo
Sarah Cazenave
Carly Chafizadeh
Kelly Chaplain
Katlyn Chapman
Ariel Chatman
Wan Chen
Lilia Chester
Yajayra Chevez
Grace Ciaston
Katie Clingan
Jordan Coleman
Julie Colosino
Lydia Cooper
Tiffany Cossich
Elizabeth Cousins
Lauren Crain
Megan Crowder
Brenna Cuevas
Lauren Daigle
Claire Daigneault
Meg Darre
Claire Davis
Taylor Denninger
Katlyn Dent
Kelly Derise
Curtis Dick Jr.
Kelsey Doucet
Lauren Dozier
Madeline Drago
Bailey Dufrene
Holly Dugas
Courtney Duhe
Christiana Dunning
Nicole Dupre
Megan Eilers
Colleen Eisenbraun
Laila Elhami
Rebecca Ellzey
Jessica Fair
Quinton Fee
Sarah Finken
Christina Flathers
Anna Foltz
Savannah Fos
Elise Fourchy
Halley Frey
Shelby Funck
Victoria Gabriel
Megan Gitz
Anna Goebel
Taylor Gorman
Alden Guerin
Cody Gulizo
Lauren Gulotta
Ashley Gurba
Amane Hamdan
Megan Harmon
Kacey Hashm
Taylor Hausler
Christina Hebert
Claire Holland
Shannon Householder
John Huffman
Anna Hughes
Kaitlyn Hughes
Amanda Johnston
Katherine Jones
Kayla Jones
Brooke Juneau
Nicole Kaebisch
Madison Kahn
Paige Kastner
Elizabeth Kelly
Elizabeth Keran
Bailey King
Marissa King
Victoria Krig
Julia Kuntz
Sabrina Lacassagne
Mary Lahaye
Paige Lambert
Alexandra Landry
Lynleigh Landry
Daphne Latourelle
Alexis LaVenia
Annabelle Laville
Molly Layton
Haley LeBlanc
Isabella LeBlanc
Chandler Leftwich
Madeline Leftwich
Christina Leggio
Monica Lewis
Ailleen Livaudais
Olivia LoCascio
Ana Lopez
Olivia Lorio
Ainsleigh Lowry
Priyanka Maisuria
Ellen Malagarie
Meredith Martina
Laura Martinez
Malayne Mascaro
Marie Matirne
Emily Mayer
Gabrielle Mayer
Carolyn Mayes
Sydney Mayfield
Adriana McClure
Elle McCracken
Cari McCurley
Victoria McElroy
Chelsea Melerine
Brooke Menzato
Hayley Messonnier
Tyler Michel
Kelsey Moffett
Jeremy Moniz
Donnalee Morales
Catherine Morrell
Taylor Morvant
Rachel Mueller
Elisabeth Murray
Mia Mutz
Tayla Napoleon
Diane Nguyen
Lyndsay Nguyen
Sera Niehaus
Victoria Nielsen
Emily Noggerath
Leonela Nunez
Katie O’Brien
Kelsie Oestriecher
Lauren Owens
Jehovahbambi Owoeye
Amanda Parenti
Judith Peltier
Abigail Perrault
Genevieve Perret
Blake Pitre
Kylee Pitre
Noah Pizzuto
Hannah Pohorelsky
Rachael Poissenot
Ashley Power
Whitney Price
Brittany Prieur
Leila Rad
Alexandra Rasco
Brittney Rathbone
Madeleine Rawls
Ian Readeau
Nadia Restreppo
Jacob Revere
Madeleine Richard
Andrew Ricks
Kristina Rigterink
Alexis Rizzo
Caroline Rodrigue
Drye Rodriguez-Drye
Brett Rooks
Alicia Ryan
Marjorie Sanford
Shelbi Schaff
Bailey Schehr
Heidi Schexnayder
Bailey Schwab
Kayla Seals
Madison Seay
Alexandra Sensenbrenner
Rikki Shall
Meaghan Sheehy
Tiffany Shrieves
Reese Simoneaux
Azaria Smith
Caitlin Smith
Katelyn Smith
Sabrina Smith
Rebecca Songy
Daniel Spring
Hayley Stant
Anne Stinson
Patrick Stockamp
Shelby Story
Jennifer Stringer
Laura Sugerman
Parker Sulik
Kaitlyne Tatum
Mary Tavary
Kara Terrio
Oghenemaro Ugbeme
Heather Underwood
Jessica Vieytes Vera
Catherine Voisin
Billy Wallace
Madison Waller
Farryn Wallow
Rachel Weber
Sara Weber
Cayleigh Weiymann
Tiffany West
Jaymalisa Whatley
Emily Wild
Courtney Williamson
Rachel Willoughby
Margaret Wilmes
Kia Wilridge
Chyna Wilson
Katherine Wilson
Claire Wingerter
Katherine Winsberg
Jillian Young
Melanie Young
Calli Yrle

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